Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Orly and Bourjois blushes giveaway @ Peaches and blush

Hello girls !
I'm back to update ya'll with another giveaway by Mehak.
Follow her blog.. for the most hassle free giveaway.

What's in there for you ?
Orly polishes ..not one bt 3 and bourjois blushes either one. (as ya'll can already tell from the title. d-uh)
2 prizes..2winners!!
yayie.. whoop whoop !!
&& I'm already drooling over the orly rage ( Grab it if anyone of ya'll win.. you'll love it. Promise)

Off to enter myself !!
toodles & Good luck :)

& thanks Mehak for hosting it...U're amazing !!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Neutral Hue- Everyday EyeLook

Not even words can evince how much I love my neutral eye make up. I swear by it..
Purrrrfect for the 'I-feel-gloomy-lazy-days'
& probably that equals to everyday for me !!
I'm a little timid & a coy when it comes to experimenting with vibrant makeup looks...
Still learning... Giving it a whirl !! && will render you'll some fun colorful looks soon !

Now on to the tutorial !!!

Step 1: Prep your eyes by applying an eyeshadow base/ primer.
(It will make your eyeshadows stay on for longer and make the colors stand out more.)

Step 2:  Apply a medium beige color all over your lids. 
(It will act as a transition color from soft beige to brown )

Step 3: Apply a soft brown color on the outer 'V'of your eyes with a pencil brush.
(It will give your eyes more definition.)

Step 4: Blend the soft brown color with a fluffy blending brush.
 (The harsh line should get blended into a nice fade.)


Step 5: Apply a dark brown (or a black if you like) with some slight shimmer on the crease.
(This will add more depth into the hollow of your eyes.)

Step 6: Blend ! Blend ! Blend !

Step 7: Finish the look by applying a black liquid/gel liner & your fav mascara.

& Now some black liner only on the outer 3rd of your lower water line.

Hope you'll liked the tutorial.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Royal Affair *^

How many of y'all agree that formal/work outfits can get really bland and irksome ?
I haven't started working yet (chronicals of a student) but i have pretty much decided to add a twist to typical formal clothing outlook ! Make it distinct..
It shouldn't mean leaving your personal style or look sloopy..
I believe : 'One cannot work well..If not dressed well/appropriate' 
Not everyone would agree... But Uhmm..I love dressing up !!
Especially for parties..  Leave me in a store cumulated with designer party dresses & I'll stay mesmerized *spellbounded* literally..
U get the hint ?
What would you wear if you have a party in your office ?
Your Goal- Polished, well put together, elegant & savvy..

This is an outfit I have put together to give you all a gist..

Hope you all like it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Win organic surge goodies

Seriously ladies.. I feel a little lost here, like i have been missing a clue or need to get a grip over some brands. One of which is Organic surge..
Honestly, I first came across this brand on, had an urge to buy a couple of products but
uhm.. Resisted..Researched..Was befuddled

And yes.. Hold tight.
It's a brand that's 'Untouched by harsh chemical' as quoted by them.
Who doesn't want such products free of ruthless chemicals ?
It's an Europe based brand

If y'all want a chance to win Free goodies worth Rs: 2500/-
then Rush !!! Hop on to and read her post on the giveaway.. follow the rules and Viola.. U might just get lucky.

Good Luck

Indian Beauty Central Inglot & NYX Giveaway..

With the increasing popularity of BLOGS (Did you all watch the add on the t.v for a cooking blog..Ma's recipes' or something) && the immense talent of people to write plus update their blogs everyday (almost) ...People are ought to follow, right ??

So now on to another exciting news...another
giveaway (not by me, sorry guys) But by the generous and the awe-inspiring lady of a beauty blog : Indian Beauty Central is helding an international giveaway with some droolworthy make-up goodies from brands like Inglot and Nyx..

Reason ?
In honor of completing 310 posts and above 60,000 page views *^

Check out her blog---


Monday, November 7, 2011

Mehndi & Makeup by Bhumika: Dual celebration, Dual giveaway

Awesome DUAL giveaway by Bhumika from ' '.
2 Jewelry pieces and A makeup bag full of goodies.. 2 winners, Obbiously !!
She's one pretty lady who's humbly hosting this giveaway in honor of her Blog turning 6 months old and her birthday in the month of decemeber..
Follow her for latest beauty scoops and insights.
Also dont forget to check out: Paradiso-the style store on facebook for awesome accessories on affordable prices..


Brûnos Hue (GNO Outfit)

I woke up today morning a little too enthusiastic...It's definately one of the 'surpassing-the-ordinary' kinda morning. Solely because I sacked out for 12 long hours & NO.. I'm not jobless for having done that.
After 3 weeks of slogging hard and all the disseratation, I think I pretty much needed to unplugg and sleep like a log :p

So anyway.. Now that all the zeal's starting to scoot back.
I'm back on my blog with a new outfit of the day post..
It reminds me of Britney Spears Songs Lace & Leathers.. It's a funky one :p
We all need to let loose and have some fun, don't we girls ?
Here's my idea of a *Girl's-night-out outfit*.. (so fall-ish)

I decided to play around with 2 different textures : Leather & Lace
Lace is definately big for fall and when paired with leather pants.. the lady like classic makes a big statement
Above, lace helps tone down leather’s severity, which makes for a hot evening ensemble that doesn’t scream “ Kardashian's much??" 

There are no good girls gone wrong - just bad girls found out

Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days