Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gone Native : Tribal Trend

Tribal--this word for me relates to something ethnic and exotic.
I have been simply loving the playful mix of strong, graphic prints, vibrant patterns.
No longer must we stick to boring block colors.. Let's indulge into this trend.
And if you aren't a fan of overpowering prints.. you can still rock this trend by accessoring wisely.

1. Go for a bright top with colorful patterns but minimal accessories.
2. Tribal scarfs as headtie/ headband.
3. Layer with tribal bangles.
4. Simple trend-on bag or a clutch.
5. Layering a printed romper with basic crop.
6. Tribal sandals to spice up your basic shorts and tee.

Remember :-Avoid tribal overkill by keeping it to a minimum and appropriate.
you don't need to spend a fortune over these trendy pieces. Just the minimal will do.

Outfit Idea.

Wear it with utter confidence.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Corallista MAC,Bourjois and Avon goodies GIVEAWAY NEWS

So as many of must have already noticed ..
I've been into this *i-want-to-win-a-giveaway* mode.
I decided to share yet another one.. which i found via IMBB (who doesn't know abt them)

Ankita....(corallista) very sweet and humble dame is hosting a giveaway.
Featuring  MAC, Bourjois, Avon products and an owl necklace .
Isn't that awesome ?
So we all should take a plunge and follow her awesome blog. :)
CONGRATULATE (yayie) her for completing her 6 months in the blogworld and enter the giveaway too !!!
Ends on 31st August (plenty time xx)

Thanks ankita for giving us such an oppurtunity to win.
Keep up ur good wrk on ur blog :)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get Inspired Yourself

Wrap bracelets

Remember those old charms, ribbons or braided bracelets u tied your best friend in the school on HFD
"Friendship Day" !!
Piles of those you stacked on your wrists ??
Time to digg 'em out (if u still have em) or go hunt for these light-weight beauties n you'll find an armful of glamour waiting to happen..

Cuffss ? I was never reallyy a bigg fan of those metallic,gawdy cuffs..
Gladly there come's a substitute for those.. a new avataar of bracelets.

Faux Leather
Gold Dusted

Aldo, Accessorize, Colaba Causeway, All that glam (on facebook) sell these. :)

Or you can even make these on your own. (DIY)


Monday, July 11, 2011

Indian Beauty Central NYX Giveaway..

HEyyaaa.. sugarpie's. I'm back again to share with you all an awesome price for all my NYX Junkie's.
Yes !!! NYX.. The very humble and lovely Indian Beauty Central is holding their 1st giveaway.
(Ends on 16th July)
Bigg Biggg Biggiee Congratulationsss to them !!!!!!!
Go greet them and subscribe to their awesome page cuz I'm loving it. Share the love ladies :)))
They makeup insights,tutorials,reviews,launches and what not :)
It'll not let you down.
And guys who wouldn't want to win that lovely hamper with NYX goodies ??

All the best to all
Congrats IBC