Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tricky Tip .. Luscious Lips !!!!

Chapped Lips ???
No More Girls .. High time to become cautious !
Winter's Already here .. N so am i to share a few tips that i mostly swear by ..
So Stick Around .. N you 'll be surprised

Now, as we all know chapped/dry lips are the result of diminished moisture in the skin on and around the lips.
We should stop overlooking them and take good care of our lips ..Right ?
So here we go ..

  •  Honey - has antibacterial properties which can help heal and soothe chapped lips. Apply honey on your lips. On drying, dab a little vaseline (or your favourite lip moisturiser) over it. After around 15-20 mins remove the layer off ur lips with the help of a q-tip in just 2 gentle strokes. Do this atleast 2wice a day.
  • Cucumber- Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips. It is quite an effective method.
  • Aloe Vera- It is known to be a healing agent for damaged skin. Apply some aloe vera gel to get rid of your chapped lips.
  • Beeswax based lip balms are effective in preventing chapped lips.
  • Tea tree oil- Add a few drops tea tree oil to lip balm or moisturizing cream. And apply to lips as necessary.
  • Water- The most important thing that should be ignored. One should drink sufficient amount of water to keep our body hydrated .
  • Diet- It should comprise of green leafy vegetables,carrots,whole grains,tomatoes as these have vitamin A in it which repairs damaged skin.
       Acidic drinks such as orange juice should be avoided because of their acid which irritates     chapped lips.

Please write in your views and share your ideas . I'm always looking forward to read them.