Monday, February 28, 2011

Swooping Twist : Messy Hairstyle

Comb your hair well to get rid of any tangles.
Now take sections of hair from the crown area and tease..

Yes ..Tease Tease Tease to get more volume and that oomphh !!! (haha but don't be toooo harsh).

We need to have 2 sections..
First section- Grab some hair above your ear..
Second Section-lower below the ear..
 Start with the First Section..
Make a ponytail where you want to have a bun at.
Twist your hair and wrap it around a hairtie (clear or black).
See it to that the hair is not slipping off and secure it by sliding the end of hair under the hair band  & bobby pins..
Repeat the same with the lower section.
Still not finished
But this is what you should get..
I just added a pouf here and some bobbypins and hairsprayy so that the bun stays in place.
You can also use some hair accessories like flower pins o headbands..
(From the back.)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

OMG** Check this out peepzz

I'm not a biggie fan of Paris Hilton**
But Oh My Goddness ..(droolliinnngg)
That closet is fascinating ...Its friggin HUGEE !!!
How unfair is that ???

PS:-- Anti-Paris Hilton viewers please dont accuse or shun me for posting this :P

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

La Bohème-inspired look

It's a casual mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy and vintage elements.
 It's about mixing the old with new, trendy with the classics

Floral Tunic--Online (nordstrom)
Opaque Grey Stockings--Zara (650 or so)
Canvas (satchel) Bag and Beaded Ring--Forever 21
Navy Blue Scarf--colaba causeway
Leather Oxford Shoes--Online (somewhere)

DO's (Boho Look)--Accessories that look somehow oriental or gypsy-ish will also add boho flare.
Experiment with fun prints and comfortable dresses/shirts..
Headbands are fun and enhance the look. 
DONT's (Boho Look)--Too much going on in the outfit with either heaps of accessories or drapey long pieces that drag down their look..
There is a thin line between the "Oh this? Just threw it on!"  AND "dressed-in-the-dark" disaster look..
Have fun experimenting !!!

(Few inspirational hair do's that i tried)

Two looks that i like the most..
Braids of your own hair wrapped around the head..
Less is usually more when it comes to braids.

          Messy Buns Or Side Buns Simply twist ur hair wrap ur hair with a hairtie into a messy bun..
Another easy way to wear a boho up-do is to divide your wavy hair into sections and gradually pin it all up, bit by bit with bobby pins.
I hope this was helpful..


Friday, February 18, 2011

At Ease in your own Shell **


Oversized White Top
Cross our hearts you will love this top! This oversized knit top features a large scratch print heart across the front round neck dropped shoulders dolman sleeves n a round back tail sleeve.
From Forever 21.

Paired with a pair of blue denim shorts which u can find anywhere .

Beret or a Beenie
Multi colored beret knit wid an intricate design n finished with a ribbed rim perfect compliment to ur lazy days.

Mint Green Tote Bag
An eco-friendly and reusable tote bag with a Paris-themed background and a *Cest La Vie* phrase.
Fun and girly. And not to forget how relaxed and easy it would be to move around with this tote.
This one is from Forever 21.

Shoulder Tote BagWarm Orange with brass hardware and brown shoulder strap.
Perfect for a relaxed outfit with not too much bling going on.

Floral Flats
A great spring flat this shoe features a floral print covered in sequins.They are so cute.
Perfect to walk around in ..right ?

Keep the accessories minimal. Not too overwhelming necklaces keeping in mind the relaxed theme we are going for ..
I opted for some fun bracelet (trio of pearl) or bangles..
also add some pretty studs earingss..

OPI's Parlez-vous?
The smokey violet sparks the color of fashion. It is such a lovely color. Beautiful shade of purple with a grey undertone (has been discontinued ..not so sure)


Let Your Inner Smile Shine Through..


Saturday, February 12, 2011

KITCHEN TROVE...Yes Peepz Its a Treasure Chest !!!!!

Isn't that cost saving?
It is not necessary to completely rely on the skin products available in the market to have beautiful beaming skin and this proves the fact.

Why don't we explore our refrigerator or the cupboards in kitchen to find effective solutions?

For those riddled by acne ..
Add 3 tsp of dried basil leaves (tulsi) to 1 cup of boiling water.
Allow it to steep for 10-20 mins.
Then after it cools, Apply to the affected area with a cotton ball.

Cucumber is extremely versatile in the kitchen.
Mash a cucumber
Strain water
Add 1tsp of honey .
Mix well
You can also keep it in a container and refrigerate it.
Apply it on ur face and leave for 10 mins.
Then wash ur face with water.
Moisturise and u r good to go ..
ENJOY the smoothness of ur skin.

For Early Wrinkles
Mash 1/4 banana until very creamy.
Combine mashed bananas with honey (1tsp) for a great firming mask
Rinse with lukewarm water and then cold water to close the pores.

For Ragged Cuticles-
Soak nails for 15-20 mins in a small bowl of olive oil.
Or even smooth on a generous amount of olive oil before going to bed on your nails around the cutiles.
Shea butter handcreams are also good and very moisturising.

Stay Precious n' Keep Smiling

The Apple of my *Eyes*

Well ..I know the title is uber cheesy and kitschy
But But But ...
JSYK ..I cant take my eyes off 'em .
I stumbled across these items while browsing online (lil bit of shopping) on some websites.

PS-I dont own these pics

Basically I am feasting my eyes on them and so so so want to own.
Here are some gorgeous items.
Fashion Jewels (I have added makeup items too that i have been wearing alot lately.)

 Black Studded Flats- Fun and dressy + very chic and casual.
 Who can resist these ??
 I absolutely love how they look.
 Black ballet flats as we know... every lovely lady needs in her closet.
 Where to find- I got similar 1's from Bata recently during their sales.

Black Studded Handbag-The studded and grommet embellishments add more appeal to this already appealing tote.
This is big enough to hold everything and make you feel fabulous *reallyy* the whole day.
This bag can be used anywhere and in almost any occasion.
I have a dupe of this one and i swear by mine. I love carrying this bag around.
It is so spacious and classy.

Where to find- Esbeda, F21, Bandra linking road, Colaba causeway.

Cropped Tee's-If you want to a crop top, take an old T-shirt or graphic tee, and make your own. Cut the bottom half of the shirt and then cut the neckline out for an off-the-shoulder top. Easy way and you don’t have to spend a penny.
Cropped clothes date back in time, ever since young Madonna rocked everyone’s world.
Also u can find them anywhere. Forever 21, Causeway, Bandra ....

Cropped Vests- Cropped vests are great because they can be ridiculously flattering.
Flatters every figure – Not only does is give a boost to your bust, but it hugs the small part of your waist.
Feeling lazy ??
Throw on your jeans, a t-shirt and a teeny vest ..And you're good to go
Where to find- Remanika (I got 2 lovely ones.. check them out), Globus outlets
And ofcourse our causeway and bandra.

And the grey studded (small) sidebag ..I simply love it.
I had seen one at colaba causeway while strolling around but could'nt grab it cause I was stupid and running late for somplace..
And now I am looking out for something like that like a pesky kid !

Pink Sparkly bellet flats are my love too.
I saw them online on some website. Arent they pretty ?

I'm currently using and in love with---
  • MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Lipcolor- Let me pink #075.
  • MAYBELLINE Colossal Volume Mascara.
  • Ponds TM
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15
  • Nivea Glamorous Gloss Pink Sugar
(I couldnt fit in some of the pics--My Bad. But im planning to review a few products soon.)

Stay Precious and Keep smiling peepz