Thursday, October 27, 2011

Festive Galore *^

Happy Diwali Lovelies :P
Hope you all are having and awesome diwali.. && looking stunning undoubtely !!
& It brings lots of love, happiness, good health & prosperity to each one of y'all
Keep Smiling and stay precious >>


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brrr---Riddlleee (Riddle for ur brain)

Yeah u read that right.. Riddle
U r going to be reading tricky riddles today ..(Imma write the answers too..Chill. Its not a test )
Y, you ask ?
Cuz I'm morbidly bored and this could be fun..Right ?

Alrighy..Let's get started !!!

1) What has feet and legs and nothing else ???
(sounds freaky no, but seriously u'll laugh after knowing the answer)

2) What clothing does a house wear ???

3) Where can everyone always find money when they look for it ???

4) Which is an eight letter word that has only ONE letter in it ???

5) What do u call a fish with no eye ???

6) Where does the bird go & it loses it's tail ???

7) What has one horn & gives milk ???

1) Stockings

2) Ad-dress

3) In the dictionary

4) Envelope

5) FSH

6) Retail store

7) Milk truck

Have a nice day !!


Friday, October 7, 2011

StyleFashionEtc- 350+ Followers International Giveaway

Another Fashionista... another milestone crossed !!!
What a joyous moment it must be to open up your blogpage and see so many lovely ladies following you and leaving sweet comments...
Being an inspiration is not an easy task. Shrish from StyleFashionEtc certainly is one..( I really mean it, go check her page out if u don't understand what am i talking 'bout. I assure u will be cherished)
Blogging and posting about your self takes a lot of courage, Agree?
Guys go follow her.. Congratulate her and leave her an awesome comment of appreciation.
She has been mentioned in an article (magazine) and has been awarded by so many blog awards..


ALSO, Don't miss out on her giveaway for 350 + followers !!!
Its international and include E.L.F products.. && u must be knowing how painfully un accessible these prdcts are here in India..
thank you so much for hosting and congrats..if u are reading this
So anyway,
Until next time
Keep Smiling


Fall Essence

Extreme Heat (that can make u sweat like a pig x5)
Moderate cold &&
Extreme rainfall (that surely can cause flooding) 
hese are the 3 primary seasons that i've have lived through in my almost 2 decades of life, pretty much....
Not that any expression of disapprobation can change any of these... && probably there's a reason behind all of this...
Each state experience is a different weather...
Fall, Autumn, Spring etc etc
If end of summer means commencement of fall (that's what if have thought since i was a child... && if i'm wrong then please tell me.. I need to set my facts straight.)
So anyway.. It's still hot and not 'oh-so-cold-let's-wear-sweaters-and-boots' kinda weather here where i stay but still I got inspired to put together this outfit...
Solely cuz of my love for chunky sweaters, layering and booties and warm toned lippies hit with jeans or leggings.
On to the Outfit ^_^

Enlarge the picture for more details and clear image.
Let me know if you' all like it..


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's Crack up a Little ^_* #1

So.. I randomly came across these funny images while browsing the net..
Just laugh a little.. I'd be happy to have made u smile :)