Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tidings Of Victory

Heyyyyy, all you lovely ladies !!!!!
Its been quite awhile since i have actually sat down and written a proper post...
As much as i love and strive to write more, 'D college' and the overwhelming assignments don't consent to !
SO Hey Hiiiii :p

Relax.. Just a virtual Hi for now..'Kay ?

What Victory u ask ?????? Wait till i tell you ;) ..Just stick around

I've been following and reading a lot of blogs lately..
&& Let me tell you...Its a pretty tough job to write consistently 'everydayy' but there are always some exceptions right ??
Some budding writers just do it bang on !! I sink into to their words and stay mesmerized ...Literally

youtube's another place where i've been so hooked to... Not that i make any video (deep down inside,  i wish i did but I'm sucha moxie ..err)
I love watching video on youtube... be it fashion, beauty, hauls, Diy's, Funny, skits or any darn thing.

Another thing i've been enjoying is watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and Pretty little liars (back 2 back on Zcafe in the evenings!!!)
And guys let me tell u ... IF u don't watch these then what the freaking hell are you doing ?

NowwwGo Go Go and watch them !!
Its a package of drama, thrill, fun, suspense, goofyness and a ton of more stuff..

I could go on & on & on & on & on & on & onnnnnnnn...

But for 2day lets say it's enough !!

Now Back to the title of this post..
Stop wondering .. Its still alive, pretty much if u are still reading...

I've been scrambling for weeks to start a page on our very own 'Facebook'.. regarding selling apparel, jewelry and all that kinda jazzz...
But But But facebook's been soo weird lately.. So many glitches and speedbummers on the path ..
Finally I've got around to make one.. I'll be selling apparel (brand new, unless mentioned otherwise), jewelry.
Please Please Please just spare a few minutes and glance over my page..
And If you do end up liking any thing ..then you can contact me on-

Here's the link
Or just search Fashion Insight (Du jour) on fb

Love u all,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

That Person *^_^*

You know that person who makes you smile for no apparent reason ?
That person who is always on ur mind and in your prayers
That person who gives the perfect hug and you fit perfectly in his arms
That person who sends you a text & you can't focus on anything else.
That person who you always come back to after ever heartbreak

That person that everyone says ''You guys are totally going to end up together''
But you deny it all along saying 'We're just friends'
Even if you are secretly hoping that they are right !
That person you can tell anything to & they won't judge you for it.
That person that makes you shiver by just hearing their voice
That person who you'd give your life to see them happy,
Even if it means they aren't with you.
The person that came out of nowhere
The person you never expected
That's him !!!
And i think I've fallen for him.....


<This is something very close to my heart, though i'd share it with you guys !! totally narrates my story>
Feel free to share yours :)



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nail Polishes from Picture Polish Giveaway---'Peaches and Blush'

Who likes painting their nails with splendid colors and keep glaring at 'em all day long with a goofy smile on their face ?
&& Who wants to win an awesome blossom giveaway where u get a chance to grab ur fetish nailpolishes..

( I raise both my hands..Oopsiee)

So anyway, the gorgeous and humble Mahek from 'Peaches and Blush'  is hosting this giveaway for us 2 Win 3 Gorgeous Nail Polishes from Picture Polish !!

**Sparkly eyes, Drolly mouth.. III WANT THAT TIFFANY BLUE *Eeep EEeepp*

Imma thrust my luck and cross my fingers now..

Good luck 2 all..
&& If u do win, Donot forget to get ur hands 1st on d tiffany blue.
Alrighty <3