Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Musings of a Mousse

First thing First

What Kind of skin do i have ?
I fall into the combination to oily skin category.
And no I do not have a problematic skin or intense acne
But Sadly, a few products do break me out a little
One Good thing is ..This product didn't break me out ! Sigh ..I was afraid at first .

Now, as we all know no product completely stands up to its claims ..
Here ..This product claims a matte finish ..But for me it didn't keep the oil away whatsoever ! Eeshh
I don't dig for it But i don't even hate it . Its just not my favourite staple to reach out for.

It doesn't give me a cakey finish and neither does it give me a decent coverage.
After application ..
The product builds up evenly, without streaks or spots But also i find whitish layer on my skin . Quite Odd ..isn't it ? 
N yes !! I tried multiple things ..to make it work used a sponge.. used a moisturiser ..tinted moisturiser ..sprinkled water on my brush ..even used my fingers But IT JUST ISN'T THE BEST

Not incredibly long lasting (max 4hrs for me)

This can work for those who don't need tons of coverage and have a fairly good skin .

Packaging -- I'm not very fond of its packaging honestly. For germ-a-phobes like me it's not satisfactory.
Digging into a pot to apply isn't ideal for me . I tend to use a disposable sponge with each use.
And after use I simply toss the sponge

How much did i purchase this for ??
Rs 499 /- (Indian Rupees)

Where did i get mine from ??
New Beauty Centre, Khar Road (west)

Will i purchase this product again ??
No. My hunt for a good  drugstore foundation continuess ..

I hope this helped you all in some way

Disclaimer- I purchased this product with my own money .